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The crisis is worrying Italian wineries and the families of Amarone provide a strong reply. In absolute trade down, while oenological universe is trying to progressively reduce prices (very often to the detriment of quality),  twelve important families in Valpolicella (Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Masi, Musella, Nicolis, Speri, Tedeschi, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Tommasi, Venturini, Zenato) join efforts in the name of Amarone.

Here it is the strategy of the newborn association – AMARONE  FAMILIES alone represent 55% of the whole value of high-quality Amarone (more than 40% of the total market). Exclusiveness and total quality for the protection and promotion of one of the three quality Italian red wines best known in the world.

 July 20, 2010

"Amarone must remain precious and rightly priced – this is the must announced in Rome by the President Sandro Boscaini (Masi) on the occasion of the press conference organized to introduce the association- so stop to low-cost logics and to the standardisation of taste to satisfy international palate.

The appeal and commercial success of our wine really lie in its identity, a personality which consolidated in the years and comes from the masterly art of historical and specialized producers. Today we want to confirm these  values, without conditions".

A hit of pride to defend one of the Italian wines that conquered the world and is enjoying a surprising success in the international market (which absorbs 70% of the entire production)), with twelve wineries in countertrend in a time when some historical Italian wines see their identity in danger, discussing whether “softening” or not their own production rules or longing to get more “modern” through a strong injection of international grape varieties - Amarone raises the stakes on quality and original character of the product. Aim: avoiding to lose the connotation of exclusive and naturally expensive wine, considering the original craft of a delicate production process which implies an accurate selection of grapes, an original drying process (locally known as “appassimento”) and a long maturation in noble woods.

To do this, the association technically adopts a “voluntary regulation", which makes its rules even more selective: minimum alcohol volume up to 15%, higher dry extract, release in the market with a minimum of 30 months of maturation. And when necessary, due to problematic harvests, the decision not to classify a vintage.. It follows a  price policy which, even watchful to the market, considers the high costs due to a high-quality grape growing and to the special care that this wine requires. In other words, no selling off in the name of a history and quality that cannot accept to be undervalued.

Even today low-cost Amarone, which can be found at the supermarket at really low prices,  - and to the disadvantage of its image - surpasses in market shares the high-quality Amarone, represented in primis by the producers from Valpolicella expressing themselves through this Association.

In particular,  the constant rise in production is worrying, considering that in 2011 fifteen millions bottles may be released on the market when the actual absorbing is of about 8 millions. A relevant part of this surplus in production is due to operators and areas recently converted to Amarone  simply following its notoriety and business appeal.  This not only affects the products but also the territory being Amarone its symbol and flagship.
Boscaini explains: "Nature and tradition left Valpolicella a unique heritage, also in terms of  marketing, thanks to a differentiation of products which allows to lead several market segments, from the simple drinkable Valpolicella up to the most important Valpolicella Classico Superiore, from the full-bodied  Ripasso to the sumptuous Amarone. But today this patrimony is being compromised because of reckless actions confusing the consumer as regards the territory potentials.

The grandeur of this wine is not made up of the simple adoption of a certain oenological technique, but of the capacity to express a territory and its history.

Not by chance, among the features required for being member of the association- which will put a special logo on the label – there are the familiar character of the winery, an oenological history of Amarone production  of least 15 years, (and the twelve associated wine producers sum more than 1600 years!), a presence on the market with more than 20.000 bottles and a brand known at least in 5 countries, outside Italy.

The twelve members of Amarone Families underline that the Association is open, and hope to grow, to all the families that have the nec

essary requirements and that made th most of the heritage of the ancient art which makes this wine unique in the hills of Valpolicella.

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