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Great Success for “Italian Wine - Taste the Passion,” US Marketing Campaign led by the Italian Trade Agency.

Revealing results from a recent survey of Wine Spectator readers



New York, October 26, 2018 - A recent study of Wine Spectator readers confirms Italian wine is highly favored and often the preferred import category among subscribers. A survey conducted on the October 31, 2018 issue of the Wine Spectator measured response to an advertisement placed for the Italian Wine - Taste the Passion campaign, a marketing initiative led by the Italian Trade Agency.


The survey, based on a customized set of 12 questions, confirmed the advertisement resonated greatly catching the eye of 67% of readers, indexing particularly high in relation to future purchasing. Of those readers, 74% see Italian wines of a quality comparable to fine Italian design, and 63% responded that they will consider purchasing Italian wines. The advertisement’s sinuous lines linking a violin, symbol of Italian craft, design and artistic heritage, to a fine red wine inspired over 70% readers to recall the Italian passion for producing quality in all things, from design to luxury wines.


Wine Spectator’s readership establishes itself as a select group of wine drinkers already familiar with Italian wines but also as an indicator of challenges for Italian wineries. While 90% claim to drink Italian wines, just 16% usually drink them, with the preponderance drinking them only occasionally, emphasizing the need for Italian wines to establish a more regular presence in American households and restaurants. In fact, this remains one of the main goals of the ITA marketing campaign.


Despite Italy’s strength among imports, the study also found that respondents are 34% - 48% more likely to buy a bottle of California wine in the $10-20 and the $20+ price range respectively, confirming that Italy’s main competitor in the US market are domestic wines.


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The Italian Trade Agency ITA (known also as Italian Trade Commission in the US) is the government agency responsible for the promotion and internationalization of Italian companies abroad. Its mission is to facilitate, develop and promote economic and commercial relations between Italy and the world – with particular emphasis on serving the needs of SME companies, their associations and coalitions – and operates in order to extend the international reach of Italian businesses as well as commercialize their goods and services in international markets. The ITA is present throughout the world with 78 offices in 66 countries. The U.S. alone has five offices: New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston.


Italian Trade Agency: Amy Ezrin, Wine Desk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 212-848-0305