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Simply Italian Great Wines US Tour

Simply Italian US Tour Press Release

For Immediate Release
Ana Murguia
International Event & Exhibition Management
(305) 937-2488
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United States: The leading country for Italian wine experts. An immense market still open to opportunities and potential for Italian wineries.

New York - Monday, October 24, 2016
Los Angeles - Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Miami, October 21, 2016 – One of the most important and acclaimed Italian wine tastings returns stateside: Simply Italian Great Wines U.S. Tour, organized by I.E.M. (International Exhibition Management) along with its U.S. affiliate I.E.E.M. (International Event & Exhibition Management), stops in the heart of New York City at the spectacular Laurent Tourondel’s glass-enclosed terrace within the Kimpton Eventi Hotel, October 24 and ends in Los Angeles, October 26, at the iconic and prestigious The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Over 70 Italian wineries are participating along with various entities and consortiums: Federdoc, Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, Consorzio Friuli Grave, Consorzio del Morellino di Scansano, Consorzio del Montecucco, Consorzio Tutela del Lugana, Consorzio Vini di Romagna, Camera di Commercio di Udine, Piemonte Land of Perfection, PromoSiena and Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti DOC and DOCG.

The day’s event will feature a vast program filled with Guided Tastings and Seminars, Importer/Producer One-on-One Meetings and the classic Trade Walk-Around Tasting.

The one-on-one meetings will see some of the wineries from the Consorzio del Morellino di Scansano, Consorzio del Montecucco and Piemonte Land of Perfection present their bestsellers to local importers and distributors looking to add new diversified products to their expanding portfolios in a more concentrated setting.
The always popular guided tastings and seminars aim to educate on the vast variety of Italian wines featuring some of the most renowned and respected Italian Consortiums conducted by esteemed wine experts and professionals. For this occasion, the following program will consist of:

- Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico: Chianti Classico Gran Selezione and Terroir presented by Gregory Dal Piaz in New York and Chianti Classico Introduces its Top Tier Wine: Gran Selezione guided by Master of Wine, Peter Koff in Los Angeles.

- Consorzio del Morellino di Scansano and Consorzio del Montecucco: Morellino & Montecucco: The latest Gems from Tuscany presented by Robin Kelley O’Connor, Fabio Piccoli and producer Giovan Battista Basile in New York while in Los Angeles, Diego Meraviglia along with Fabio Piccoli, Giovan Battista Basile will guide the tasting.

- Consorzio Vini di Romagna: Romagna: Albana to Sangiovese, a Journey into Native Italian Varietals presented by Giammario Villa and Filiberto Mazzanti in New York and Laura Donadoni and Filiberto Mazzanti in Los Angeles.

- Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC Friuli Grave: The Sparkling Life – Fresh & Fun Wines from Friuli presented in New York by Cathrine Todd and presented in Los Angeles by Nathaniel Muñoz.


Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti DOC and DOCG will offer their wines at the luncheon.

During the leading event the Walk-Around Tasting, wine trade and media will have the opportunity to taste wines from the following participating wineries: Aldegheri; Azienda Vitivinicola Blengio; Cantina Del Castello; Cantina di Verona; Cantine La Pergola; Casale Dello Sparviero; Castello Banfi; Castelfeder; Coste Petrai, Enovation Brands – Voga, Federdoc; La Sala – Il Torriano; Le Macioche; Ornella Molon Traverso; Podere La Corte; Poggio Cagnano; Raphael Dal Bo; Ricci Curbastro; Sani; Società Agricola Castello Di Radda/Agricole Gussalli Beretta; Vigna Roda; Consorzio Tutela Vini Doc Friuli Grave; Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico; Consorzio Tutela Lugana D.O.C.: Cantina Bulgarini, Cantina Di Castelnuovo Del Garda, Selva Capuzza; Consorzio Morellino Di Scansano: Azienda Santa Lucia, Conti Guicciardini – Massi Mandorlaia, Fattoria Mantellassi, Poggio Nibbiale, Val Di Toro; Consorzio Tutela Vini Montecucco D.O.C. & D.O.C.G.: Basile - Organic Wine Farm, ColleMassari, Parmoleto, Pianirossi, Prato Al Pozzo, Tenuta l’Impostino, Tenuta Tondaia; Consorzio Vini Di Romagna: Cantina Sociale Di Cesena – Tenuta Amalia, Celli, Enio Ottaviani, Fattoria Zerbina, Podere La Berta, Leone Conti, Podere Morini, San Valentino, Tenuta La Viola, Trerè; I.Ter Special Agency Of The Chamber Of Commerce – Udine: Masut Da Rive, Stocco, Zago Agricola; Piemonte Land Of Perfection: Gemma, La Biòca, Le Strette, Matteo Soria, Tacchino; Promo Siena: Falchini, La Chimera d’Albegna; U.VI.VE.

The United States" explains Marina Nedic, I.E.M./I.E.E.M. Managing Director, "continues to be the leading market in reference to Italian wine and as a result for Simply Italian Great Wines events. The demand for Italian wine keeps growing: In fact our experts have registered an increase in quantity (+ 4.7%) and most importantly in value (+ 6%) within the first quarter in 2016 (source Italian Wine & Food Institute).
"The american market is particularly interested in the quality and diversity of Italian wines” concludes Marina Nedic "thus we believe these type of events represent the best opportunity for Italian producers to meet directly with key trade operators and media within the U.S.”

Wine trade and media are invited to attend Simply Italian Great Wines by registering at this link.

More information can be found at www.simplyitaliangreatwines.com.

I.E.E.M. (International Event & Exhibition Management), the Miami-based branch of I.E.M. (International Exhibition Management), is a comprehensive agency specializing in marketing, events production and public relations for the wine industry. Driven by a passion for trade shows and a flair for flawless organization, I.E.M. was founded in 1999 by industry veterans Giancarlo Voglino and Marina Nedic. A reputation for constantly delivering high quality events coupled with its extensive network of contacts with trade professionals and international press has led IEEM/IEM to become one of the most well-regarded Italian wine event organizers in the world. Learn more at www.ieemusa.com.

Simply Italian US Tour Participating Wineries

Azienda Vitivinicola Blengio – Piedmont www.blengio.it

Aldegheri – Veneto www.aldegheri.it

Cantina del Castello – Veneto www.cantinacastello.it

Cantina di Verona – Veneto www.cantinadiverona.it

Cantine La Pergola – Lombardy www.civielle.com

Casale dello Sparviero – Tuscany www.casaledellosparviero.com

Castelfeder – Trentino Alto Adige www.castelfeder.it

Castello Banfi – Tuscany www.castellobanfi.com

Coste Petrai – Veneto www.costepetrai.com

Enovation Brands – Voga – Veneto www.enovationbrands.com

La Sala – Tuscany – www.lasala.it

Le Macioche – Tuscany www.lemacioche.it

Ornella Molon Traverso – Veneto www.ornellamolon.it

Podere La Corte – Piedmont www.poderelacorte.com

Poggio Cagnano – Tuscany www.poggiocagnano.it

Raphael Dal Bo – Veneto www.raphaeldabo.com

Ricci Curbastro – Lombardy www.riccicurbastro.it

Sani – Veneto

Società Agricola Castello di Radda/Agricole Gussalli Beretta – Lombardy www.agricolegussalliberetta.com

Vigna Roda – Veneto www.vignaroda.com



Consorzio Tutela Vini DOC Friuli Grave – Friuli Venezia e Giulia www.docfriuligrave.com

Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico – Tuscany www.chianticlassico.com